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Skin is Your Body's Largest Organ... Dude, Take Care of Your Organ!

Multi-Pheromone Formula

It's a simple fact: More action starts with more attention. Don't be surprised if the ladies dish out more of both thanks to our Multi-Pheromone Dude Wash. Boasting a double shot of pheromones that may drive your "new friends" wild, Dude Wash is a major timesaver, too. A combination of deep cleansing masculine body wash and shampoo, it helps you freshen up in no time. Dude Wash is mathematical proof of the Dude equation:

Basic Skin Care Regimen X Dude Skin Care = More Confidence + More Action


  • Buy 3 Dude Wash, get Free Shipping!

    When buying 3 Dude Wash Only
    (not combined with other products)
    *Use Promo Code: BUY 3

    5 fl oz (150 ml) Flip Cap Tube with Aluminum Seal
  • $7.99


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